Tough Road to the NFL


It's a long hard journey for young players who dream of making it to the NFL. You have to make sacrifices, stay focused and keep your nose clean and your chin up when things don't go as planned. Every player faces pitfalls such as injuries, disagreements between players and coaches, and distractions off the field. Don't get discouraged if not every coach recognizes your skills or potential. Sometimes it's the coach that wants to help you the most that is the hardest on you. All it takes is one to believe in you. Once you have a coach behind you, it's your job to go to class, get good grades, work harder in practice than anyone else and stay out of trouble. You'll face lots of distractions on and off the field and realize that some people around you will try to pull you down. It can be overwhelming but if you take it one day at a time, one season at a time, and keep your eyes on the ultimate prize, you'll get there. One more piece of advice, no matter how talented you are, remember you can always learn from others. Watch your teammates or opponents that you respect and see what they're doing…how they're eating, working out, spending their free time. I became a better athlete and person from observing my mentors. It all goes together-you want to make sure you're doing right on and off the field.