My All-Time Super Bowl Team 


These players were rough, tough and intelligent on the field. They made my All-Star list because they were All-Around players that were leaders on their teams, could handle any situation, perfected their craft and had longevity in a league that stands for Not For Long. There are still many more players I respect that are proven legends of the game.


Joe Montana, Aaron Rodgers. These players remain calm, cool and collected in every situation. They are always in control and inspired and raised the level of play in his teammates.

Running Back

Walter Payton, Jim Brown two of the most complete backs to ever play. They could run, catch, block and they were influential off the field as humanitarians.

Wide Receiver

Lynn Swann, Drew Pearson, Jerry Rice. They were break away threats, could take guys deep, but were also possession receivers who could get necessary yardage even in the middle of the field where they knew they could get hit. They were also accomplished blockers to help the running game.

Tight End

John Mackey, Kellen Winslow. These guys are equally strong receiving and as run blockers. They ran sharp pass routes and both could stretch the field.

Defensive Tackle

Mean Joe Greene, Merlin Olsen. They were monsters on the field. Relentless, extremely powerful and unbelievably agile for their size.


Ronnie Lott, Steve Atwater. Rangy safeties who can cover the field and be the blanket over the top coverage. And they were fierce against the run. They would knock your lights out. Ronnie Lott and Mike Singletary were the best defensive leaders in history.


Mike Singletary, Dick Butkus. They put fear in the hearts of RBs and QBs. They patrolled the field and always dominated.

Defensive End

Reggie White, Richard Dent. Virtually unblockable. Causing havoc for the QBs. Sackmasters. Made it Hell for offenses.

Defensive Back

Deion Sanders, Mike Haynes. Incredible man-to-man defenders. Deion was unique as he had the ability to make plays on offense, defense and special teams. Both could take the opponent's best receiver out of the ball game and lock 'em down.

Offensive Tackle

Walter Jones, Anthony Munoz (considered by most to be the greatest lineman in history). They were both like human Walls. They could lock down the defensive end and give their QBs enough time to do what they needed to do. They were great pass and run blockers and incredible people on and off the field.

Offensive Guard

John Hannah, Gene Upshaw. I would have loved the chance to play with these guys, because they were dominating run blockers who could move and get out on Linebackers and Safeties.


Mike Webster. He was the Iron Man of the NFL and died for it. He never missed a game. He was the rock for the Pittsburgh Steelers during their heyday.

Outside Linebacker

Lawrence Taylor, Ricky Jackson. They were the best at their craft. Enforcers on the field. Explosive players with a mean streak that every coach would want on their team.